Inspiration not replication!


Pinterest, Instagram, blogs, magazines. Today's brides are bombarded with a multitude of inputs and wedding ideas.
Although having an infinite sea to fish from may seem an opportunity, most of the time, unfortunately, it isn't so.
Too many inspirations, especially if they aren't mutually consistent, can be difficult to manage on a mental level and generate stress and confusion, both inside the head and in the design.
Not to mention that your event risks to be something already seen and reviewed!

In quality of wedding planner and designer, I set myself the goal of breaking the circle and being really useful, from the very first contact.
I am serious in taking up the challenge of making the couple feel involved in an active and positive way into the creation of its most important day ever.

The key of my work is the dialogue and the collaboration.
The journey begins by investigating the unique source of inspiration of the couple, that detail that fully tells the love story of the two lovebirds. Sometimes it's a song, sometimes the dress she wore on the first date or a joke that he made for making her fall in love. It is something elusive as a memory.
And no pre-made idea that you'll find on the internet will be able to rival with its power!

This first step is the part that I prefer because it really helps me to get in tune with my clients. Knowing such private details, like her preferite flowers or his hobbies, makes me feel participate and excited for them!
After having identified the wedding concept, while in parallel we define the location, I accompany my couples in the selection of the most suitable color palette. It is a visual question but also a symbolic matter.
Pink is the color of the femininity, black symbolizes the elegance, the white is the purity and so on. I talk with my couples what they want to communicate to their guests and what are their priorities.

Once we have gathered all the necessary informations, I create a secret Pinboard on Pinterest. I invite the two lovers to pin images, together with me, following some simple rules.
These rules allow me to guide and educate my clients: to pin may seem an easy thing, but there are too many lonely brides out there that create boards without intent and consistency!
The most important of my rules is certainly to avoid the images of a finished design: no to cakes, bouquets, table sets... What does that leave??

The true vision of the client, the mood that you want for the event collected in a series of pictures that, yeah, have nothing to do with the wedding industry but everything with the creativity and, above all, your personality as couple.
This is the starting point for intentional designs and tailor-made events that reflect the love story of the future spouses.

It is so that my entire creative process is configured for the couple as a meaningful experience, a pleasant journey that finds its peak on the day of the wedding, when all the ideas and inspirations take shape in an unforgettable day.

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