How a couple photo session will improve your relationship


Photo by Sergio Sorrentino Fotografie

And so you booked the holiday in Italy that you have always wanted? Hooray!
A nice trip for two is a great idea if you want to reconnect with your partner and rediscover your feelings. Waking up in a new place, away from the usual routine, the work and your family, can be refreshing and give a new boost to your relationship.

What can you do for maximizing this effect?
Simple: a couple photo session!
While there are many activities that you could do together in the area, from the cooking classes to the classic excursions, a photo session is something underestimated but, at the same time, very intimate, and that can improve your relation in many ways.


When you are a couple for a long time, moments of sharing and romanticism can decrease. A photo session can shake the situation and bring you and your lover closer, because it immerses you with an exclusive atmosphere. Only you two, in a breathtaking landscape, followed by the discreet eye of the photographer. Hugs, strollings hand in hand, smiles and kisses are normal gestures for those who love each other, and are also the poses in which the love shines in all its power.
Don't be afraid to show your feelings!


I know that many persons feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, and that is why, together with Sergio Sorrentino, I wrote a little guide about how to face and overcome this fear. It is important that you are able to relax: choose a photographer whose style you love and, before booking the session, ask for a Skype meeting to talk with him or her in person.
If he/she is the right one, you'll know. And, once in Italy, it will be easier for both the parts to tune in front of a pre-session cup of coffee!

Explain to your photographer what are your expectations and priorities and build together your tailor-made experience . Let your personality as couple shine!
If you want, include your pet, use an object that represents you as couple or request to shoot in multiple locations. It isn't a case that one of my most popular packages is the Creative Direction combined with a Couple Photo Tour in Positano and Ravello!
The keyword is "enjoyment", essential for getting natural and authentic photos.


Time flies when you are happy and this wonderful vacation may seem to end sooner than you would have hoped!
Capturing those special moments will allow you to return with your memory to your sweet days in Italy every time you'll look at the photos and to enjoy that feeling a little longer.
Don't underestimate the power of an image: its value is appreciated more only after some years.
So, don't settle for a low resolution selfie made with a phone!

Today's photo session could be a precious family heirloom (or a beautiful save the date!) tomorrow, for you or for your nephews. So, are your ready to trengthen your tie?

Write me your impressions to I can't wait to hear you!

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