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Sometimes it happens that the whole wedding seems to concern exclusively the bride and her dress. And although there is no doubt that she is the queen of the party, don't forget that it takes two to tango!

In the last two-three years I have witnessed to a little revolution in the wedding world - thanks, Millennials! -: more and more often grooms-to-be take an active part in the planning and designing of their event, helping, supporting and creating together with their partner, the wedding they have always dreamed of. Yes, also the boys dream of getting married, sooner or later! Here are some style capsules just for you, future groom!

1. Go classic

Doing a little survey in my group of friends I've discovered that in pole position for the category "dream wedding according to him" there is ... drum roll: beach wedding in shirt, shorts and sandals.

If you, like my boyfriend, approve this outfit, you should consider the fact that your wedding day will last 24 hours, but the photos will last for a lifetime. My first tip is therefore to opt for something classic and timeless, at least for the ceremony and the formal shots, and keep the "beach boy" option for the reception, as a second dress, if you wish.

The truth is that nothing says "I'm dressed for the party" more than a smoking!

Furthermore, it is a highly customizable, both from the point of view of the models and from the point of view of the materials and colors. The slim fit and the ultra slim fit tuxedos offer an excellent vestibility and an elegant yet modern and casual look. 

So don't worry: I can assure you that you will feel comfortable dressed like that!

2. Stand out from the crowd

It is always a good thing to make sure that the groom stands out from the guests and in the photos (for the bride it's easier: she's the only one in white dress!)

A must is to wear something in a different color from your groomsmen: you could think, for example, of having a gilet, the shoes, a bow tie or the pocket square in the main color of the wedding, and let the groomsmen wear the same accessories but combined to the dresses of the bridesmaids, in a complementary color.

There are also other subtle things you can do, like having two special cufflinks. No one will have, or notice them, but it could be a little secret detail between you and your bride.

3. Make your personality shine

Inject your personality into your outfit with an element that has a particular meaning for you.

It can be a ring or a watch that has been given to you by a loved one, an eccentric bow tie, a hat, a pocket square with a nice pattern.

Honestly I'd avoid Barney Stinson's ducky tie, and things like that, no matter your degree of TV series addiction.

Whatever detail you choose to add, make it a statement of class and elegance!

4. Incorporate a natural element

A natural element is a good expedient to soften your look. The boutonnieres serve for this purpose and should be reminiscent of the style of the bridal bouquet.

Remember that yours should be slightly different from your groomsmen's boutonnieres by color, size or type of flowers used.

A lovely idea is to introduce a wooden accessory: you can easily find online bow ties, brooches and cufflinks made by hand by expert artisans.

5. Be a well-groomed groom

There’s nothing more appealing than a well-groomed man. Start going to the gym at least 9-6 months before the event, eat healthy, drink a lot and take care of your skin daily. Be sure to make an appointment at the barber shop  prior to the big day. 

Here is the recipe for being awesome as never before, when you'll read your grades!

6. Be sure to coordinate

You don't have to feel obliged to be completely in line with the theme of the wedding, but it is always elegant to ensure that the group is well coordinated.

Choose a dress suited to your style, and keep the visual coherence of the party by buying the model in the wedding color or in a complementary tone.

Alternatively, add the same type of flower you'll have in the buttonhole to the wedding bouquet and to the centerpieces.

7. Look after your groomsmen

Style is not just limited to your clothes: take care of your friends too. Leaving them without a guide could be dangerous! 

So, if you are looking for a gift idea for the groomsmen, I suggest a gift pack of cufflinks, pocket square, bow tie, hair pomade, beard oil and parfume.

Everything coordinated with your look as mentioned above.

8. Look after your bride

Regardless of what you wear, being a gentleman never goes out of style! 

Carry her flowers, hold her hand, and remember that, after all, wedding is not a matter of style, but of love!

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