Elopement: a guide in 5 posts. Part Three


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Ciao rubacuori! By now we are halfway on our journey to discover how to manage your elopement and perhaps, abandoned fears and hesitations, you are convinced that it is something more than feasible: it is your dream!

Here it is the question arise spontaneously: where to escape?
Nowadays it is relatively easy and fast to reach any place in the world and the endless possibilities seem to overwhelm you.

So allow me to make some considerations to clear your mind and help you to make a conscious and intentional decision.

1. Atmosphere
The first question to ask is the kind of atmosphere you want for the event, and then look for the location that most incorporates that mood.
A very recurring theme for those who choose Italy, for example, is the Dolce Vita. If you are in love with that iconic image of the Bel Paese, made of 20s luxury, Hollywoodian beauty and social life, then Capri is the place where you can say yes to which you should say yes!

2. Stunning images
Your priority is to bring home an album of indelible memories together with a great experience? Yes, because a wedding album is much more than just a collection of photos: it is testimony, memory and heirloom. To elevate the level of your photos choose a spectacular location that offers scenic views and amazing corner as a background.
Include a local touch - in food, floral arrangements, music - and enjoy your Italian-style elopement.
Ps. Positano is always a great choice! Can you imagine a romantic sea view ceremony?

3. Significant places
Many people feel a deep connection with a country, even if they have never been there. They feel to belong to it, and it is natural for them to call it home.
For the romantics, a place is never just a place. Sometimes it's a dream, sometimes a projection of oneself.
I talk about, for example, Ravello, the gem set in the mountains of the Amalfi Coast, a treasure of history and ancient art. Having a stroll in the gardens of Villa Rufolo, taking a coffee in Piazza Duomo, admiring the sea from the Infinity Terrace. Even just imagine all this can give you a sense of fulfillment, a feeling of authenticity that is hard to shake off. And if you have it on you, buy your ticket to the paradise right away!

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