Case Study: Romantic Amalfi Coast Elopement Inspiration


Sketch by Monica Naclerio
It is not always easy to catch the inspiration for an event, but the secret is only one: don't search but let yourself be found! What do I mean? Simple: when you open your mind and your heart and free your ideas and your sensations, the good idea will come by itself. It's all in your way of feeling.

For example, I have had a classical education. I didn't like in a particular way the Latin language but it fascinated me! I have never counted the number of poets, philosophers and warlords I fell in love of during the five years at the high school, but they were a lot! How could I resist to the charm of Alexander the Great or Cicero?
They are my story, the ancient history of my land, my Magna Graecia.
That's why, for the first Amalfi Soirée shooting, I've chosen as inspiration a legend of the Greek-Roman world: the mermaids.

Are you curious? Stay in touch for seeing the end result!

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