Elopement: a guide in 5 posts. Part One


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Between champagne and sparkles, Jordan Baker, in the novel "The Great Gatsby", said:

“I like large parties. They're so intimate. At small parties there isn't any privacy!”

Well, apparently the opposite is true! We are witnessing a boom of elopements and miniweddings: after all, what has really value is the quality of the party and not the quantity of the guests.

But what are they and why have they are so much successful?
Let’s go to the technical definitions! An elopement is a real escape lasting one or more days, during which the couple celebrates, in secret and rigorously alone, the wedding ceremony. Families may not like it, because the elopement excludes them from a very important milestone in the lives of the spouses, but escaping is really exciting, especially if you decide to unit the joy of the ceremony to the pleasure of the honeymoon.

For those who just can’t party without the family and the closest friends, we talk about “miniwedding”: a wedding with few guests, from 4 to 18-25 persons.

The reason why these events are having so much success stays in the desire, always more felt by the Millennials of authenticity, intimacy and offline sharing.

Sometimes you escape for running away from the stress of a real wedding, when you are tired to try to concile your dreams with the preferences of mothers, mother-in-law and bridesmaids (and you feel you are losing the true significate of the wedding), other times you escape because an elopement is cheaper and requires less planning time.

What is sure it is that planning a love get-away is a decision that is often gone with your gut, when you feel in your depth that is the right and a bit crazy thing to do! And it is also one of the most romantic experience you can live.

You and your love, wherever your hearts take you. Maybe in that place you've always been in love with. 

One by chance, the Amalfi Coast ;)
If you love travelling and it is in experiences that you want to spend your moments and your savings, if you and your partner are sure about what you feel for each other and your instincts tickle your hearts with the idea of an elopement or a miniwedding, well, if all these conditions occur, my advice, not as wedding planner but as incurable romantic, is.. do it!

Because the beauty of an event like this is that you can really focus on what really matters, rather than on the guest list, and enjoy with a light soul every single moment. These are the memories that strengthen a relationship and make a story unique!

You can't already imagine yourself telling to your children about "that time when we took the first plane and..."?

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