African Safari


Have you ever thought about... a wedding in the desert?

Well, if you are adventurous types, you should!
The desert is a fascinating place, where fairy tales and legends come alive at nightfall!

A wedding in Indiana Jones style is simply unforgettable! Many brides believe that a brown palette is ill-suited to a so important celebration, but I can assure you that only few colors have the features and the "powers" of the browns.

Brown is the color of the earth, a symbol of fertility and life.
Warm and welcoming, in lighter shades, tending to beige, it expresses a feeling of comfort, and is particularly suitable to illumine a design. In the darker shades, it expresses simplicity, ruggedness and masculinity.

It's a very elegant color, especially if combined with a special metallic color, like gold.

Just married jeep by Feather and Stone via Ruffled Blog | Table by Steve Steinhardt via Found Rentals | Safari invitations via Lilly&Louise | Morocco tent by Meghan Kay Sadler via Green Wedding Shoes | Fabrics via Fresh Farm House | Bride and camel by Jose Villa | Safari chic style by Ralph Lauren via Dreaming of Chanel |

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