Bugs and Flies


Bugs and Flies is an influence with reminiscences of Art Deco, that borns in the wake of the "Back to the Nature" trend.
The latter originates from the desire of the Millenials generation to recover the harmonious relationship between man and Nature.
"Back to the Nature" is the reason why, this year, Pantone Greenery was elected the color of the year, and is also the reason why demands for "more foliage" in the floral decorations for events are growing.

So, insects, dragonflies, fireflies, beetles and butterflies are only an enforcement, mostly in the fashion field, of a more big phenomen.
Hand painted, made with magnolia flowers or embroidered with pink precious crystals, they have always vibrant colors with a predominance of pink, yellow and green.
It is possible to incorporate this pattern in your bucolic wedding in the greenery, using it for the invitations or for refined and original placeholders!


Blue dress with bugsby Dior via Pinterest | It's a Bugs Life Print by Camilla Atkins via Behance | Halloween fabric by trinketsintheattic via Etsy | Insect print dress by Jenjum Gadi via DelhiStyleBlog | Insect accessories by Giambattista Valli via Fashionru | Insect bag by Dolce and Gabbana via Nordstrom | Bugs with Magnolia petals by Kari Herer via Pure Deco

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