Venetian Glamour


Flamboyant and lively, Flame is one of the pantone trend for this year.
A red-based orange, that adds blazing heat to the spring palette. Funny and wonderfully theatrical it is perfect for a Venetian extravaganza at the sunset.

Between the gondolas snoozing in the channels and the curious pigeons in Piazza San Marco a small luxury Carnival will takes life:
silk and velvet for sparkling fiery red dresses, a bouquet of orange chrysanthemums and poppies and - why not? - a finely crafted black mask to feel the joy of the feast!


Sunset on Venice: First Light - Photo by Guerel Sahin via | Orange Flowers Arrangement: Soulflower - Photo by Kate Webber via | Orange Dress: Supima Runway Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week - Photo by Fernanda Calfat via | Halloween Tablescape: Peonies&Orange Blossoms via | Orange Poppies: Sweet Root Village via | Orange Wedding Shoes: Photo by Jen Lauren Grant via

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