Santorini Inspires


The fil rouge of this destination wedding is blue lapis, one of the trendy colors for next year.
The theme is strongly inspired by the Greek tradition,
but it also has a modern and extremely Mediterranean taste, reminiscent of the sea and summer!

Think about a big extravaganza on charming terrace with a breathtaking view of the volcano and the island. Classical music is played live with harp and violin, and, on background, there is the sound of the waves.
The bride arrives at the ceremony not in a luxury car, but on the back of a white donkey beautifully adorned.

Marine elements are incorporated into the decor, near a rich blue and white bouquet. Typical local foods and delicious donuts with decorations of edible flowers are served during the dinner and a glass bottles with sea salt and herbs, such as the odorous rosemary, is an original wedding favors: guests will be able to smell the aroma of that special day every time they want.


Wedding Donkey: via | Blue Majolica Pattern: Dolce & Gabbana via | Majolica Blue Floral Invitations: Jennifer+Paul’s Stationery by Sweet Peach Paper - Photo by Shaun Menary via | Floral Donuts: Donuts - Photo by Nectar and Stone (Carolina Khoo) via | Stylish Table Settings: Tablescape via | Majolica bow: Handmade Blue Willow bow - Photo by Joel Kadziolka via | Oia, Santorini: Santorini in Greece via Ohh Couture

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