Bucolic Romance


The romanticism of the rural landscapes meets the luxury of the Baroque in order to celebrate the everlasting dream of the Dolce Vita. For a highly engaging and visually interesting design we suggest a natural and romantic color palette, that alternates warm and cold tones.

Pink and green might seem a risky choice for a wedding, but it is not so!
The famous painter Vincent Van Gogh used them for roses and iris in order to lighten the mood in his paintings: the cromatic combination of green, pink and violet creates, in fact, now "a sweet and harmonious effect", now "an effect of complementaries that exalts each other for their opposition. " Harmony of contrasts is made more evident by the choice to use delicate tones varied in brightness alongside a strong accent color.
The powerful Emerald togheter with its similar, the Turquoise Green, communicates Nature, confidence, prosperity, wealth, growth, freshness. They set the atmosphere in an engaging "spring mood" that will adapt well to the vineyards and to the fields of Tuscany or Puglia in June. Wild Orchid, Buddleja Rose and Lilac, instead, belong to the great family of the Pink and of the Purple, whose archetypes are, respectively, the Poet and the Seductress: they embody the mystery, the feelings, the imagination, the beauty, the magic, the romance and the royalty. With these three colors, the contours of the reality will appear blurred and everything will seem more fabulous and extremely sophisticated.

The "Bucolic Romance" palette is perfect for an opulent extravagance in the green and in the traditions of Italy.

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