Bride in Silver


The silver is always been the color associated with the 25th anniversary of marriage.
Elegant and timeless, if used in the right amount, it is able to turn any venue in a refined and classy place.

So, why wait 25 years? If you are a bride outside the lines, you like this idea.
It is about to take a tradition - the colour silver - and to use it to overturn the tradition itself, using it.. when they least expect it!
For the palette we have chosen also a combination of neutral, which fades from a dark gray called Jet to the Dim Grey, to the Light Gray to a pale Platinum.

Crystals, swarovski, vases and plates with silver trim enrich the table.
Even the bouquet, set aside the classic flowers, can be built with jewels, pearls and precious stones, and you can keep it forever.
You can complete your look with a two-piece dress embroidered with pearls and gems, a diadema in your hair and amazing platinum shoes.

Skull and roses Decor: via | Wedding Shoes: via | Wedding Favor Tin: via | Silver Cake: via | Jeweled Bouquet: via | Wedding Tablescape: Photo by Art Haus Foto via WedLuxe | Lace Dress: Philomena Cape via

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